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About Me


At sixty-something, I’ve survived a bunch. I’ve gone from stick-thin, tearful, uptight clergyman’s child to painfully shy, moralistic, and panicky tween and teen to (of all things) big-firm litigator and media lawyer, from young wife to mother to divorcee to second wife, stepmother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and caretaker of aging parents. And, like many, I’ve survived physical illness, anxiety, depression, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and grief. 


Creative writing has been, through all this, my first and most constant love. I write both fiction and nonfiction, long form and short. I often write stories and essays about women and their relationships or that shine a light onto the funhouse mirrors through which people view themselves and each other. Much of my writing juxtaposes the funny and the sad.


My previous essays and stories were published, among other places, in The Ignatian Literary Magazine, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, The Lascaux Review, Santa Fe Writers Project, SLAB, and Steam Ticket. In addition, one of my personal essays won Inscape’s annual Editor’s Choice Award. I am currently writing short stories and flash fiction and assembling a collection of my shorter works.


When I am not writing, you may find me deluging friends and family with emails, zoning out with crossword and jigsaw puzzles, or compulsively straightening pictures and dead-heading window-box flowers. I also enjoy sharing walks, talks, mugs of hot tea, and, inevitably, just a tad too much information with my nearest and dearest.

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