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No Longer Stuck at Eleven: Resurfacing After a Fifty-Year Hiatus

I’ve always been a writer, but at first I kept this proclivity closeted. When I was eleven, it was not me but my public-school teacher who submitted this poem of mine to a contest sponsored by our local paper, The Reporter Dispatch.

What would happen

If the clock stopped?

Would time stop,

If so?

Would I always be eleven,

And never any more,

If the clock stopped?

Would the days follow each other

In the same dull way

Every day?

What would happen

If the clock stopped?

If the clock stopped,

Would I?

It won, and was published. Thank you, Mrs. S!

After that, my publication credits stalled. For fifty years, I wrote minutes for meetings, newsletters for a not-for-profit, guidebooks for colleagues, briefs for the courts, letters and birthday poems to my loved ones, and musings for myself. But I did not publish.

And then, a few years ago, I began sending out short stories and personal essays to literary journals. Now The Reporter Dispatch is only one in a growing list of my publication credits.

The purpose of this website is to feature some of the creative writing I have published as an actual adult human being.

Enjoy, and if you feel inspired, please subscribe to the email list located on the contact page, and get in touch with me with your comments. Also, if you know someone else who might appreciate one or more of my published pieces, I’d be delighted if you would share this website with them and encourage them to do the same.

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